Life can throw a lot of frustrating things your way. Sometimes, you feel like you can power through, and do the things that make you feel better, and improve your wellness, and sometimes, even that feels out of reach. Do you feel like you have tried everything but you are still struggling to accomplish a wellness goal for yourself, your family, or even your animals?  Quantum Biofeedback approaches wellness from a sub-molecular level by balancing and neutralizing stressors, attempting to provide you with a basis to start feeling better and taking control over your own stress and life.

Here’s a basic introduction:


It first has to be noted that Biofeedback Therapy does not diagnose, treat, prescribe for, or cure any disease or condition. There are potential benefits of a biofeedback therapy treatment that could improve your quality of life, but this treatment should not usurp or replace any ongoing treatment you are currently undergoing. Please consult your preferred healthcare provider or veterinarian when making health choices for yourself, your family, or your animals.

What is Biofeedback Therapy?

Biofeedback Therapy takes a different approach compared to other healing and therapy techniques. Instead of approaching this process using pharmaceuticals and nutrients, that those work on biochemistry, Biofeedback therapy attempts to work on the biophysics of your body.  If you recall from science class, everything is made up of atoms. Atoms contain a nucleus, protons, neutrons, and electrons. The amount of space in an atom is significantly greater than the amount of solids in an atom but because the protons, neutrons, and electrons are moving at such a rapid pace things (including people and animals) feel solid even though they are more space than solid.  Since the particles in the atom are moving so quickly they create a vibration and that vibration has been reported to create a detectable energetic frequency. The Quantum INDIGO Biofeedback device attempts to detect stressors in the energetic frequencies of the person or animal and supplies an opposite frequency that attempts to neutralize the frequency of those stressors, and therefore, their effects on your health and wellbeing.

Similar to Anti-Virus Software:

Think about the anti-virus software on your computer.  It scans a seemingly endless amount of code, looking for code sequences that are problematic or irregular.  The Quantum INDIGO Biofeedback Device scans over 12,000 frequencies within the body and looks for imbalances or irregularities that could be potentially causing you some issues. The device then attempts to send out a corrective signal that will equalize those irregular frequencies, and hopefully mitigate their effects.

How does it work?

he way the Quantum INDIGO works is similar to a 2-way radio.  It scans for a signal and then reads it, then based on the information it receives, it emits a signal in response.  For example, if the INDIGO detects the frequency of the pathogen that causes Lyme Disease, it will send the opposite frequency to attempt to neutralize the energy and limit the effects of that pathogen.

Wired or Wireless:

The Quantum INDIGO device can also potentially provide therapy at a distance, as well as an onsite treatment.  Compare it to cable TV vs. satellite TV. Cable TV sends a frequency through a wire. Satellite TV sends a frequency through space.  The TV receives the signal and broadcasts it to you. The INDIGO can be attached via a series of wires/harnesses, which can attempt to work wirelessly through a transmitter on the device. The device is capable of both sending and receiving energetic frequencies, and attempts to send out the corrective signal that might limit these negative wellness effects, and improve your quality of life, even from a distance.

What is it used for?

The Quantum INDIGO Biofeedback Device can be used for a balancing of countless imbalances in body, mind, or spirit. It can potentially be used to recover from physical or emotional traumas, as well as used to remove stressful influences to allow the body to heal on its own. 

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