Candis is a Quantum Biofeedback Practioner, Massage Therapist and a lover of many  Energy Healing Modalities in her private practice….Modalities currently such as  Electromagnetic Circulation therapies, Cellular Retraining, Trauma Release therapies, Integrative Life and Health Coaching, Quantum Biofeedback, Micro Currant Therapies, Distant Neuro-Pathic Healing, Water Vibrational Healing, Body Charging, Light Therapies, Ionic Detoxification, Far Infared/Negative Ion Therapies, Rife Frequencies, Heavy Metal/Enviornmental Toxin Removal from the body as well as working in the God/Christ Consciousness in all ways. She is always receiving information for the highest good in her individual sessions and private life. If she cannot help you she will get you in touch with a Healer that will.  Candis is Honest , Trustworthy and leads with her heart.

Candis Started this Healing Journey 20 years ago when she went into Massage Therapy, during the first few years as an LMT she fell ill.  Secluded and shut off from the world with layers of bombarded stress from all  Mental/Emotional/Physical/Spiritual quickly moving into dis-ease state of Auto-Immune and hitting “Rock Bottom”….Candis was introduced to Energy Medicine with Biofeedback, Cellular Reprogramming and detoxification.  This led her to see the healing potentials of wholeness, waking up out of the illusions and veils of what was covering up her light and awareness, seeing a deeper connection with self and the world around her and the potential to help others. Candis Has a private practice in North Texas as well as working remote from any location for distant energy healing.  She is always advancing her knowledge, enjoys sharing energy work with people of all ages as well as animals.

Candis is currently on path to Ph.D in Integrative Medicine

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