Lectro Chi Energy Foot Detox

The Lectro Chi Premier Pro Energy Ionic Spa was designed to be used 24/7 – 365 days a year. The Lectro Chi Pro Energy Ionic Spa is designed for clinical settings, including but not limited to chiropractic, holistic practitioners, massage therapists, spas, wellness clinics, and even family use.

The Lectro Chi Premier Energy Ionic Spa is designed to work on the principles of bio-energy, ionization, and electrolysis.

The energy produced by the Lectro Chi Premier Energy Ionic Spa resonates throughout the water at a frequency specific to each individual receiving a session. The energized water helps to re-balance the body’s energy meridians and will allow your body’s cells to be energized and oxygenated.

Healthy oxygenated cells are extremely resistant to disease, illness, and early aging.



Extensive testing has been done on the Lectro Chi Premier Energy Ionic Spa using biofeedback, bio coherence, and galvanic technology. The human body is subjected to numerous stressors on a daily basis such as poisons from a toxic environment, unchecked emotions, and stress associated with life on a daily basis. With biofeedback technology these stressors can be measured in real time. Research in this area shows that a Lectro Chi Premier Energy Ionic Spa session will significantly reduce these stressors on the endocrine system. Reduction of over all body burden leads to reverse aging which leads to health, vitality, and well being.

Test Subject

  • Scan Date: 12/01/2008
  • DOB: 12/28/1991
  • Sex: Female
  • Other Info: Diagnosed with Helicobacter Pylori

NOTE: Optimum readings are 100u.

The biofeedback results represented are typical of the results for individuals that use the Lectro Chi Premier Ionic Spa. The female in the example above was subjected to a 40 minute Lectro Chi Ionic Spa session. 30 minutes were on the “Cleansing” setting and 10 minutes were on the “Energy” setting. It is important to note that this was her first ionic spa session.


The test subject was connected to the biofeedback device and engaged in light conversation for 10 minutes. This was done to allow an accurate reading of the stressors placed on her endocrine system. Many individuals experience stress when they meet someone new, are subjected to new surroundings, or connected to electronic devices that are unfamiliar. The stress readings were extremely high for the first 3-4 minutes of the preliminary scan and then normalized for the remainder of the 10 minute session. The data indicates heavy stress on the test subjects endocrine system.


The test subject underwent a 40 minute Lectro Chi Premier Energy Ionic Spa session. 30 minutes were on the “Cleansing” setting and 10 minutes were on the “Energy” setting. After completing the session she was attached to the biofeedback device again. However, we did not engage in light conversation. We engaged in conversation that would induce emotional stress. Her mother had previously provided background information on situations that were causing stress in her life. These stressful situations were brought up multiple times during conversation. There was a slight fluctuation in the readings on the endocrine stressors. These readings were always at an acceptable level during the post scan scenario and it should be understood that the optimal reading for all endocrine system stressors is in the neighborhood of 100u.If you study the test subjects post scan data. The differentials between the pre scan and post scan scenarios are substantial. The test subjects endocrine stress indicators are back to acceptable levels in the post scan scenario. This is major, because the test subject was subjected to numerous emotionally stressful factors after completing a 40 minute Lectro Chi Premier Energy Ionic Spa session. Normally the data would indicate substantial stress on the endocrine system after exposure to negative emotional stimuli. However, the data indicates that a 40 minute Lectro Chi Premier Energy Ionic Spa session will provide the body with the bioenergery needed to deter the negative effects of emotional stress on the endocrine system.


System Preliminary Scan Post Scan Differential
Pineal 207.5u 102.7u -104.8u
Pituitary 271.5u 136.2u -135.3u
Thyroid 187.9u 116.7u -71.2u
Thymus 250.0u 98.4u -151.6u
Pancreas 357.2u 151.6u -205.6u
Reproductive 269.7u 134.3u -135.4u
Adrenal Cortex 1.4m 106.6u -1,293.4u


Where the mind goes the body will follow. If you are continually stressed, worried, or fixated on a situation that stimulates anxiety, guilt, fear, etc. then the body will be burdened with undue stress. This in turn stresses the endocrine system which will cause early aging, cyclical disease patterns, and increased toxicity.

There are solutions available for reducing body burden from emotion based stress. These include prayer and meditation, tai chi, yoga, Pilate’s, etc. The regular practice of one or more of these modalities will aid in the reduction of stress induced body burden. However, how many people actually take the time to practice one or more of these modalities on a daily basis? I’ll help you with the answer – “very few”. This is why it is important to begin using the Lectro Chi Premier Energy Ionic Spa on a regular basis.

Based on biofeedback testing the Lectro Chi Premier Energy Ionic Spa will help provide the body the bio-energy required to reduce stressors on the endocrine system. By reducing stress on the endocrine system the body burden is lessened which in turn leads to better health and vitality.


Heavy metal water analysis testing is one of the rigorous tests that the Lectro Chi Premier Energy Ionic Spa has undergone. We had this test performed, because it is imperative to validate/refute claims that heavy metals and toxins are leaving the body during a Lectro Chi Premier Energy Ionic Spa session. The results were a definite “YES”. For example – arsenic levels found in the session water was 354 times higher than the legal limit for drinking water. This is significant, because these levels were achieved during a single 40 minute ionic spa session.

The heavy metal and mineral analysis was performed on the session water from 4 different 40 minute Lectro Chi Ionic Spa sessions. The analysis utilized a baseline sample and a sampling from three different individuals. The metals tested included aluminum (Al), arsenic (As), cadmium (Cd), calcium (Ca), copper (Cu), lead (Pb), phosphorus (P), and zinc (Zn). Each analysis will include statistical data for the water analysis, control factor information, chemical and physical information, health based limits for each metal in drinking water, route of exposure, health effects, and normal human levels.


The purpose of the “Heavy Metal and Mineral Analysis” performed on the Lectro Chi Ionic Spa was to validate or refute claims that heavy metals and minerals were being removed from human subjects during a Lectro Chi ionic spa session.