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At My Indigo Body in Dallas, we provide a bevy of natural and holistic healing and therapy services to our clients including PSYCH-K therapy, Biofeedback therapy, massage therapy, and CGAM body charges, just to name a few. But in today’s blog, we’re going to cover Emotion Code — also called Body Code — therapy.

To understand the power that Emotion Code can provide for anyone, we will need to spend a little time exploring what Emotion Code is, where the practice comes from, and what it can do to provide wellness and relief in your life. To learn all about these, and other aspects of Emotion Code therapies available through My Indigo Body, continue reading. Or, if you already know that this is a holistic healing service that you are looking for, schedule your appointment with us in Dallas today.

What Is Body Code Therapy?


Body Code therapies are based on the work and teachings of Dr. Bradley Nelson, DC (ret.). Dr. Nelson was diagnosed with “untreatable” kidney disease at a young age, and he ended up receiving help from some practitioners of alternative medicine that lived on the outskirts of his rural town. In short, they were able to provide actual healing and cure him, although the medical professionals referred to it as “spontaneous remission.”

This experience was formative for the 13-year-old boy who would eventually learn to rely on a combination of spiritual trust, instincts, intention, and science to provide the incredible power of holistic healing through his work on the Body Code. In 1998, Dr. Nelson moved away from practicing with individuals and began working to teach others how to help themselves through the power of this incredible, life-changing holistic therapy.

What It Is

The Emotion Code is a book written by Dr. Nelson that teaches and focuses on the power of understanding the Body Code and how it can be applied to the release of emotional baggage or trapped emotions. The Body Code therapies practiced at My Indigo Body are based on the work of Dr. Nelson and stem from the idea that by identifying energetic imbalances in the body — often results of all of this emotional and subconscious baggage — pain, anxiety, frustration, sadness, and lack of direction in your life can be addressed by releasing these energies from the meridian system.

These conditions can be identified and, to a degree, mapped through muscle testing, with different energies and ailments self-identifying through the actual physical stressors that they cause in the body.


Muscle Testing

Muscle testing is based on the principles of biomagnetic energy — the idea that every action, thought, feeling, and emotion has an actual influence on the energy of your body, and thus, has an actual physiological effect, too.

Like all other energy matters, muscle testing is one of positive and negative: one of understanding balancing forces. By monitoring a series of physical responses to truefalse or yesno questions, we can understand what energy barriers are in place, so they can be removed through Body Code therapy.

The Human Energy Field

To understand how holistic healing through the power of the Body Code and works, we must first understand and recognize the principles of energy healing. Although energy healing is a vastly broad term used to describe an entire category of holistic therapies, the principles each are ultimately the same — every bit of your being is made up of energy.

From the power of your mind and soul to the ability for you to feel and remember, energy makes up your entire being. Even from a physiological standpoint, one can see the importance and presence of energy in how synapses fire using electrical impulses and ATP promotes cell growth and regeneration. It is all a form of energy.


Just like a geographical meridian is a designated line that helps to creates a definable relationship between two points on the globe, energy meridians in the human body are waypoints for energy that align, focus, and promote health and happiness. However, positive energy isn’t the only kind of energy that can manifest, exist, and thrive within your and along your meridians.

Negative energy can block and inhibit these pathways and lead to confusion, discomfort, uncertainty, and even be a physical manifestation of pain or illness in some cases. When this happens, you can promote restoration to your natural and healthy state by releasing these energies and allowing your meridians to hum freely once again with energies that can help you thrive.

What Are The Effects Of Trapped Negative Feelings?

“Trapped emotion” is a common phrase used throughout the holistic healing community to identify and describe the negative energy that can inhibit your wellness. This term comes from a belief among many that negative energies are derived from intense experiences that generate negative energies through fear, pain, trauma, or other unprocessed emotions. Until they are identified, recognized, and released, these trapped emotions can manifest in the mind, soul, and physical body, causing a plethora of personal challenges ranging from health concerns to general listlessness and directionlessness.

By releasing these negative, trapped emotions, one can find peace, restoration, and the sought after sense of wellness that holistic healing and Body Code therapies have provided to so many people already.

How Does Emotion Code and Body Code Therapy Help Me Release Trapped Emotions?

Aside from the process of muscle testing and identification that are crucial components of the Body Code therapy we use at My Indigo Body in Dallas, there is still the actual element of release that needs to occur. This happens in two ways:

Energy Pulse Therapy

Once your negative energy has been located and identified, our certified Body Code therapy practitioner will provide energy pulses and other holistic therapies to shift, loosen, and ultimately, release these energies, allowing your meridians of energy to return to a healthier state.

Self Discovery

Another part of our holistic therapy within the Body Code system aligns deeply with the work of Dr. Nelson in that we believe in helping people with self-discovery. While we do not believe that anyone is impervious to the subconscious manifestation of negative energies, we do believe that people are able to open and understand their own subconscious, and how their experiences and emotions affect it, allowing them to be more resilient to negative energy. In many cases, they can begin to teach themselves how to monitor and tend to their own energy imbalances.

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