Managing Holiday Stress with INDIGO Biofeedback

The winter holidays are an exciting and wonderful time for a number of reasons: catching up with family and good friends across the country who you haven’t seen in awhile, eating a lot of good food in a cozy home, maybe exchanging gifts and presents in front of the fire. These experiences are generally a fulfilling and enjoyable time, a reward for nearing the end of the year, and what people tend to look forward to during the holidays.

However, unfortunately, these holiday experiences are not always as carefree and perfectly pleasant as we always might expect them to be. Flights and really any form of travel during the holiday season is crowded and expensive; holiday shopping is cutthroat and also expensive, and after four or five days with your family, you start to realize why you only see them every so often. These stressful aspects of the holiday can be very frustrating to experience, especially when you are looking forward to the stress-relieving aspects as well. But that doesn’t mean the holidays are ruined. The biofeedback services provided by My Indigo Body to Dallas and surrounding areas might be just what you need to reduce the regrettable stress that comes with the holiday season. Keep reading more to learn about common holiday season stressors and how INDIGO biofeedback sessions from My Indigo Body might be able to help.

Holiday Stress and Stressors

All of the hustle and bustle inherent in the holiday season can be fun and exciting, but more often than not, it can be stressful and frustrating as well, and that can take a toll on your person. Here are a few common stressful holiday experiences that you might undergo this holiday season, and what aspects of that stress an INDIGO biofeedback treatment might be able to help with.

Financial Strains

A big stress factor that inevitably comes up during the holidays is financial concerns. There are a lot of expenses to factor in during the holidays, like plane tickets to visit family, hotel rooms, budgeting for huge family meals, buying gifts during big sales, etc. All of these things just come with the holiday experience, but that requires financial budgeting during a time you are trying to enjoy yourself. A research study that looked at 851 unemployed spouses who were struggling financially found significant effects of depressive symptoms on both partners, leading to withdrawal of social support and an increase in social undermining. And the financial pressure only increases when you have to time your plane ticket purchases for the best price, and stand in line to get the best deal for presents. An INDIGO biofeedback session could provide some balance that your body’s energy needs to mitigate the stress caused by financial strains and get you back to enjoying your holidays.

Holiday Weight Gain

The holidays generally come with the consumption of a lot of good food. Whether a big home-cooked meal or a fancy dinner out at a restaurant, the gathering of people usually comes with a tasty meal. Unfortunately, the stress you might experience during the holidays can also contribute to your body’s retention of fat. Stress can induce certain food cravings that can lead to overindulgence, especially during the holidays. The stress hormone that floods your body when you are stressed, cortisol, can cause your metabolism to slow down, and allow individual fat cells to increase in size and abdominal fat to accumulate. This combination of factors makes stress-related weight gain during the holiday seasons unfortunately common. However, an INDIGO biofeedback session could help reduce the stress that leads to those cravings and increases in cortisol levels, leaving you significantly more relaxed and ready to enjoy the holidays. Clients have also reported stress reduction, weight loss, and better sleep after a few sessions as well.

Seasonal Depression

The winter holidays unsurprisingly bring winter weather with them. The winter season has much shorter days and longer nights, and winter weather can mean a number of consecutive days or weeks in which the sun doesn’t really shine through to the ground below. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a common depressive condition that can occur due to this consistent lack of sunlight for extended periods of time. The lack of sunlight and the invigorating vitamin D that it provides our bodies can lead to a variety of depressive symptoms, including greatly reduced energy levels. An INDIGO biofeedback session can potentially reinvigorate those energy levels up to more sustainable amounts and mitigate the experiencing of those depressive symptoms that start to show up as winter rolls in.

Family Stress

One of the best parts of the winter holidays is seeing your family and friends who you might have not seen since the last holidays. All that catching up and enjoying each others’ company, as well as bringing family and friends back together is what the holidays are all about. But after day three of sleeping in your in-laws’ guest room and having the sixth consecutive meal with them, everyone starts to get a little stressed and on-edge. And unfortunately, the comfortability we might feel with these people allows for a stronger expression of negative feelings and emotions, meaning that a stressful family experience can lead to some even more stressful anger, inter-familial conflict, and uncomfortable situations. However, an INDIGO biofeedback session before the holidays kick off could provide the balancing of stress levels and relaxation needed to get through a holiday with your family stress-free.


Managing Stress During the Holidays with My Indigo Body

The stress levels that come with the holidays always seem to surprise us. We see our long-lost family and friends, get some gifts, give some gifts, eat some food, and then we might finally get home and plop down on our couch before realizing that we are very glad to be home and relaxing after such a busy time. This is just an unfortunate part of all of the holiday hustle and bustle, and at times, it can feel like more trouble than it is worth.

But it doesn’t have to be. My Indigo Body is dedicated to providing a variety of stress management, holistic therapy, and alternative healing services to Dallas and the surrounding areas. Our INDIGO biofeedback service can potentially neutralize the imbalances in your body that can produce stress, mitigating the experience and unfortunate side effects that come from experiencing stress. These services might be just what you need to make it through the holidays with a little less stress and a little more wholesome enjoyment. Give us a call today, and see how My Indigo Body can start healing and helping you.