What is a Body Charger and What Can It Do for Me?

Vacations are great opportunities to escape the ho-humness of our lives and break up our normal routine of work, kids, living, errands, and sleep. Vacations allow us to explore places we haven't been, do things on our bucket lists (skydive, anyone?), and just escape the sometimes regular life we lead. When we do this, it is often called recharging your batteries.

What if you could recharge your batteries without having to spend thousands of dollars on a vacation? What if you could call up your local holistic practitioner and receive a shock per se and wake up all of your body's cells?

At My Indigo Body in Dallas, we offer the amazing CGAM Body Charger, which works similarly to a battery. In essence, every cell in your body has what could be considered a tiny battery coded in it, and when the body is stressed, injured, or diseased, the code and energy level drop, inhibiting your body from doing anything to fight this off. With a CGAM Body Charger, we can help you recharge your body's cells to feel better and heal quicker. Below, we'll explain the CGAM Body Charger a bit more in-depth and its benefits. Call today for a consultation!



When you step on a CGAM Body Charger for the first time, a high energy field will encircle your body, saturating every cell in the body with appropriate energies. It's a multi-wave oscillator that works to bring all of the body's cells back to their natural state. When your body is at homeostasis, it is easier for it to heal and fight off diseases.

In addition, the CGAM Body Charger helps to detoxify your body, encouraging your cells to open up and release all of the built-up toxins of the day. We naturally do this while we sleep. However, with our CGAM Body Charger, your cell membranes are more permeable so more toxins and free radicals are released.

The CGAM Body Charger helps with new cell generation. Your body needs energy to make new cells, which it receives from the food you eat and the energy inside your cells. When your voltage is low, it is extremely hard for your body to make new cells, which also help to fight off illnesses and diseases. Our body charger also helps your body's cells retain the oxygen they need to stay healthy.'

The CGAM Body Charger also promotes negative ions, which help to lift up our moods, push back against depression, and fend off SAD (seasonal affective disorder). There are also many other ways that negative ions can affect the body, such as helping with allergies, chronic fatigue, and asthma. Our body charger gives your body a lot of negative ions, which attract positive ions that can foster disease and illness. Negative ions strengthen the body's electric field, which increases serotonin and improves our mood.



As you can see, the human body is an incredibly complex machine that takes many checks and balances in order to keep it functioning properly.

At My Indigo Body near Dallas, we offer a holistic approach to health and wellness through the tools that we offer. All of our tools can be used either separately or in conjunction with one another to get a more well-rounded balance to your health. For example, our CGAM Body Charger works amazing with our quantum biofeedback processes. When you choose to use both, you'll get a better idea of which areas of your body need work, so that we can then better tailor your treatments.

In addition to CGAM Body Charges, we also offer Body Code Therapy, PSYCH-K therapy, biofeedback therapy, BEMER microcirculation therapy, in-light therapy services, and massage therapy services. We also offer RIFE/PEMP frequency therapy.

All of our holistic services are designed to create an environment where your body's cells can thrive, repair, and replenish themselves. This will help you to feel better faster and stay healthy longer.

All of us just want to feel good when we wake up in the morning. This can be extremely challenging when our body's cells are not functioning properly. When you partner with My Indigo Body for CGAM Body Charger services, INDIGO biofeedback, massage therapy, and more, you'll feel a difference right away. You'll have more energy to go and do the things you want to do, as well as more time since you won't be laying in bed all day long or visiting the doctor all the time.

Life is about leading your best life possible. If your systems and organs are out of whack, it's time to take action. Give My Indigo Body near Dallas a call today so that we can better serve you on your path to health and wellness. Call today!